Although the gathering of competitors has temporarily come to a halt, we are looking forward to the resumption of competition and the chance to be back with our fencing families. However being in lockdown has given us the opportunity to reflect, to plan and to observe. It has been wonderful to witness the ingenuity, resolve and determination of fencers and coaches as each collaborates on new ways to continue training. We’ve been amazed to see all the creative methods clubs use with to keep their classes going and their students engaged. Everything from virtual group footwork classes, virtual private lessons to conditioning and training plans on YouTube. Fencers have been equally creative in building their own training targets and dummies as well as recruiting parents and siblings for sparing.

The Art of Fencing is so proud of our fencing community for sticking together and supporting one another during these challenging times. As lockdowns are lifted and life makes its way back towards normal please know that we at The Art of Fencing are here for you, for the fencing clubs, events and the fencing community we love.

The Art of Fencing looks forward to the opportunity to support clubs, tournaments and fencers as we rebuild together. What were your innovations to train and fence?
We want to hear from you! Be Safe!
Love, All of us at The Art of Fencing

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